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Dietitian CPT Codes – Nutritional Counseling & Beyond

What is a CPTⓇ Code? Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are procedure codes that describe medical services provided by healthcare professionals. These five digit codes are used for reimbursement and reporting purposes. These codes are required when filing a claim with health insurance companies. While there are over 10,000 CPT codes, dietitians generally use less …

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G0270: Description and Guidelines for Billing Medicare

Description of HCPCS Code G0270 The description of procedure code G0270 is “MNT; reassessment and subsequent intervention(s) following second referral in the same year for change in diagnosis, medical condition, or treatment regimen (including additional hours needed for renal disease), individual, face-to-face with the patient, each 15 minutes”.  Medicare Medical Nutrition Therapy Benefits To understand …

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HCPCS Code S9470 – Description and Billing

Code Description HCPCS code S9470 is described as “nutritional counseling, dietitian visit.” Understanding Code S9470 S9470 is the original nutrition counseling procedure code as it existed before the Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) codes, 97802 and 97803, were introduced. Now that the MNT codes have been around, the S9470 code is used less commonly.  S9470 is …

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Can Dietitians Diagnose?

Understanding the Role of Dietitians Registered dietitian nutritionists are healthcare professionals who specialize in nutrition and dietary management. They are trained to provide evidence-based nutrition guidance and help manage various health conditions through medical nutrition therapy. Can Dietitians Diagnose Medical Conditions? No, dietitians cannot diagnose patients with medical conditions. Dietitians are knowledgeable about the criteria …

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Are Dietitians Doctors?

Are Dietitians Doctors? No, registered dietitian nutritionists are not medical doctors. Dietitians are healthcare professionals and experts in nutrition, but they have not gone to medical school. Dietitians vs Doctors: Education Dietitians must complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree through a program that is approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Starting in …

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