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I wanted to share all the tools and products I use to create a successful business. From an electronic health record, to faxing, payroll and liability insurance – it can get overwhelming on what products to go with. Check out my list of resources to assist you in your practice!

Private Practice

Kalix Health

I have been using Kalix Health as my electronic health record (EHR) for 8+ years. It is created by a dietitian for dietitians, so it has everything a nutrition professional needs. It is HIPAA-compliant and very user-friendly. I am able to chart, schedule, do telehealth, create bills and do everything else I need to, all in one platform.

Some of my favorite features are automated appointment reminders, tasks, online scheduling and the growth charts. I also love that patient information such as medical history and medications can be auto-populated from previous visits.

Customer service is fantastic and they are constantly adding new features and integrations. Kalix integrates with Square, Fullscript, Cronometer Pro, several clearing houses as well as other programs. 

You can sign up for a free month with no credit card required. To get $27 off your first paid month, use my referral code: KtTYkQ



While Kalix Health now offers faxing capabilities, when I originally signed up they did not, and I love SRFax so much I don’t plan on stopping using it. I have been a very happy customer of SRFax for several years and find it incredibly easy to use. They have HIPAA-compliant plans for healthcare professionals to keep you and your clients safe. 

In addition to electronically faxing chart notes to physician offices, I can send anything else I may need to send, including information to insurance companies or even for my personal use.

Google Workspace

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is a HIPAA-compliant way to use the entire Google suite including Gmail, Google Drive and more. With Google Workspace, you can have a professional looking email address with your domain name rather than at the end. This is a great way to share information with your whole team, including items that contain personal health information.

Well Resourced Dietitian

If you are looking for nutrition-related handouts to use with your clients, you have to check out Well Resourced Dietitian. Previously known as RD2RD, this marketplace has digital products like handouts, protocols, presentations, templates and other resources, all made by dietitians.

You can also sell your products as a side gig. There are dietitians that have made thousands of dollars selling things they have already created!



Square is the payment process system I use in my practice. It integrates with Kalix Health so I can keep credit cards on file and have patients make payments online. Square is HIPAA-compliant and will provide a BAA. 

I can also accept HSA, FSA, debit cards and credit cards physically in my office either using the hardware provided by Square or having the patient tap to pay right on my iPhone. 

I  even send invoices for my non-clinical projects.

Checks Unlimited

While most transactions are digital these days, it is still necessary to have some business checks on hand. I still write a rent check every month and some insurance companies require a voided check to initiate direct deposit payments.

Checks Unlimited has business checks at an affordable price. I buy “The Partner” manual checks in the duplicate format so I can keep the carbon copy for my records.


I recently changed from a locally owned and operated payroll company to Gusto, and I am very happy with the switch! Gusto makes payroll incredibly fast and easy. Their customer service has been great and they answered all my questions about how to switch.

It also comes with a free easy to use app for employees to navigate their paycheck information. Employees can change their deductions in the app rather than having to go through you, which is a win-win. 

If you sign up through the link below, you will get a $100 Visa gift card within 30 days of your first paid invoice. If you have 10 or more employees, the amount increases to $200. 



Being self-employed makes savings for retirement a little more complicated. I have been very happy with my IRA through Vanguard. 

I was able to roll-over all my previous 401(K) and 403(B) plans through previous employers and the customer service has always been great. Customer service was very helpful with this process overall. 


Stop paying for Quickbooks! While Wave does not have all the capabilities of Quickbooks, I personally was not using any of those features anyway. If you are simply looking for a way to track your income and expenses, Wave is for you!

I use the free version of Wave for all my bookkeeping, but there is a pro membership and the ability to do payroll through them as well. Just like Quickbooks, you can link it with your business account so you do not need to manually input transactions. They have really nice charts for cash flow and profit and loss so you can visually see how your business is doing.

Professional and Business Insurance


Proliability is the professional liability insurance company that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics endorses. They have policies available for individuals, groups and students. 

Not only is having a malpractice insurance plan a good idea, it is required by the insurance companies to credential with them. You can also get general liability insurance through Proliability. 

The Hartford

The Hartford is where I get all my insurance-related products besides malpractice insurance. Since I am an employer, New York State requires me to have workers compensation, short term disability and paid family leave for my employee. I get all of these through The Hartford as well as my general liability insurance.



While I use WordPress for the Dietitian Direction website, I feel that Wix is an economical way to create a beautiful website without the learning curve. I created my private practice website with Wix and am very happy with how easy it is to customize without having to download plugins.

While a WordPress website has a lot more capabilities and is a must if you are trying to be as SEO-optimized as possible, Wix is more than enough for my private practice.


If you are very serious about SEO and blogging, a WordPress website is a must. I personally use the Astra Pro theme. It makes my website look good without slowing it down. 



In addition to my theme, I use the website building platform Elementor to make some of my pages look more interesting and professional. They have a lot of YouTube tutorials so it is possible to create things like galleries, accordion menus, and carousels even if you are not tech-savvy. 


A keyword research tool is a must for anyone interested in blogging. If you are simply writing posts that you think people are interested in, you are wasting your time. You need to find terms that people are actually searching for online.

KeySearch is the most affordable tool out there and is still quite powerful. In addition to searching for keywords to write about, you can also look at what your website, as well as other websites, are ranking for in Google.

I have created many blog posts that show up in the first several results in Google for various search terms with the help of Keysearch.



Canva is a one-stop shop for everything design. You can create handouts, social media posts, presentations, trifolds and more all with this online program. The free version has more than enough to get you started and the pro version gives access to more images and features. 

In addition to making digital creations, there are some product types that you can order prints of. I have promotional trifolds for my private practice and have found that ordering them from Canva is less expensive at the same or better quality compared to Vistaprint.

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